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Our Gates

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A temporary public installation at Riverside Park North – New York City (Manhattan)

A monument to celebrate New York City and the United States of America.
The monument itself is an acknowledgement of the changes that have taken place, continue to take place, and actively arise in this city and country, in an effort to foster the availability of viable and sustainable opportunities (to all – locals and foreigners), to participate and contribute with dignity to the growth and development of the incredibly diverse communities herein.


Two gates, one to come in, dedicated to let in and inspire everyone who wants to belong, work and evolve and to be able to experiment, try, fail, and try again, as many times as possible. And one to come out, dedicated to everyone who wants to be free, a reminder that we can always go to other places to experiment, try, fail, and try again, as many times as possible.

Two gates that together support each other. A symbol of freedom.


Technically and materially, “Our Gates” was conceived to be a single piece of continuous flat material (strong and long lasting like Steel), simply cut and bent in the shape of two arches. Engineered and fabricated to be structurally strong enough to withstand the elements and to remain anchored to the ground safely and securely for public safety.

Dimensions: height 10 feet, width 12 feet and depth 7 feet.
Material: 1⁄2 inch think steel plate, marine quality semigloss white paint.

Note: Originally, the proposal was to erect this sculpture with a height of 12 feet (or higher), however due to many limitations involving regulations, transportation and budget, the final monument was made 10 feet tall.

Social Interaction

Social interaction will happen via intellectual engagement and criticism, by looking at the monument and exploring it by walking through it, and around it.

Climbing is not permitted.

Posting, blogging, or any form of digital sharing of images, videos and the like on social media is accepted but perhaps not promoted.

Open and programmed invitation to dancers, musicians and/or performers to elevate the work with their own.

All the scheduled public events will be reviewed and validated by the Department of Parks and Recreation of New York prior to their occurrence.

Public Safety

Engineering matters like the foundation design, structural concerns such as deflection, the speed of wind, and the like, are under the care of Structural Engineer

Transportation – In terms of Public Safety

The transportation of the work will be done by an experienced team, charged with following applicable law and regulations. Meeting all the Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations.

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