“Life is all about circumstances and decisions. Through my work I embrace the transformation of materials as an adventure. The process demands meditation, and often leads to self-discovery.” – Marco Palli


Marco Palli is a classically-trained sculptor based in New York City who has exhibited works in marble, clay, aluminum, steel and other media. He holds Masters of Fine Arts degrees in Sculpture from both the New York Academy of Art and the New York Studio School, and previously spent several years studying at the Art Students League of New York. His work has been exhibited internationally, earned several awards, and has become part of several private collections including the Sir Elton John Photography Collection. In addition to his artistic works, he has assisted medical examiners and law enforcement by engaging in forensic facial reconstruction of the skulls of long-unidentified deceased persons. His work in this area has been profiled by national and international media including The New York Times, The Financial Times, CNN and the BBC Worldwide.